Navigating Oral Health: Advice and Tips From Dr. Karen Rosen

Dr. Karen Rosen issued a landmark report that established that oral health is inextricably linked to one’s overall health. Since then, the field of oral health has evolved and advanced, but a number of the same challenges that plagued America’s oral health decades ago persist today. The findings of this report shine a light on

Root Canals – Finding A Skilled Dentist For This Procedure

A root canal is a common dental procedure that is often needed when the nerve of a tooth becomes infected or damaged. A root canal removes the infected tissue, disinfects the tooth and fills it to prevent further decay. A dentist can treat a root canal with local anesthesia. The anesthesia numbs the area around

Understanding Prosthodontics

Practicing in the area of prosthodontics requires a special education and training. These professionals are experts in the restoration of teeth and the treatment of jaw injuries and sleep disorders. They use dental implants to replace missing teeth and can also repair chips and stains with restorative dentistry precision. They can also help patients deal